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Teaching opportunities in remote Central Australia

The Northern Territory Government is looking for talented and committed qualified teachers who are seeking a rewarding challenge in a unique environment.

As a teacher in a remote Indigenous community of Central Australia, you will have the opportunity to develop your career through a unique desert teaching experience like no other. You will support young Territorians to reach their potential and help build brighter futures.

Teachers are required for schools in Indigenous communities which may cater early childhood, primary and secondary students (depending on the school/location).

Pay and conditions

Teaching in the Territory gives you a range of benefits:

  • excellent salary and allowances, especially in remote areas
  • great professional development and experience (especially in ESL)
  • subsidised housing (up to 100%) in regional and remote communities
  • up to 3 airfares a year, a remote incentive allowance and access to special study leave, depending on the location
  • IT resources including a laptop for every full-time teacher in an NT Government school
  • a great lifestyle
  • New teachers going to very remote localities will be the first under the DoE strategic plan to be supported in undertaking a fully funded Graduate Certificate in TESOL Indigenous Education through Charles Darwin University. This course is offered through an intensive block and online study.

Salary and allowances

Teachers in the Northern Territory are among the highest paid in Australia. After 8 years of service, a classroom teacher can earn an annual salary of $83,065 plus substantial allowances.

Teacher and educators salary rates in the NT
Conditions Handbook

Relocation and storage

The department may offer assistance to staff relocating to, or within, the Northern Territory. The Relocation and Storage Policy (pdf 40 kb) has more details.


The Department of Education (DoE) orientation programs provide guidance and essential information about the department, our schools and their communities. There is a focus on cross-cultural learning and how this will impact on your work in the Northern Territory.

Career advancement

Teachers who wish to advance their career may apply for senior teacher, assistant principal and principal vacancies. These are advertised on the teacher recruitment website as well as the Northern Territory Government jobs website.

Professional learning

As a teacher you will have access to a wide range of professional learning programs. Charles Darwin University offers post graduate courses through on campus and off campus programs.

Laptop computers

Every teacher in Northern Territory Government schools receives a laptop computer, at no cost to them. This ensures they have up-to-date technology to assist with delivering programs, and gives teachers greater flexibility in how they work and prepare lessons. The Northern Territory Government is one of the few Australian jurisdictions that provides all teachers with a laptop computer at no cost to the teacher.


All teachers are able to access paid or unpaid leave for a variety of purposes.

As a teacher you are entitled to 6 weeks recreation leave per year (taken during school holidays). In general however, you are not required to attend school during school vacation periods although you may use this time to undertake professional development or some preparatory work.

Maternity/parental leave

After 12 months of service, teachers in Northern Territory Government schools can have access to 52 weeks maternity leave, 14 weeks of which is paid. If you prefer, you can take the paid leave at half pay over 28 weeks. The Northern Territory Government also gives teachers the option of accessing up to 6 years unpaid parental leave.

Four wheel drive (4WD) training

The Northern Territory Government provides 4WD training for teachers and educators who live in or regularly commute to remote locations and who drive a 4WD vehicle during the course of their employment. Staff can undertake 4WD training either when they start employment, through the Teacher Orientation program, or by a request to the department's Occupational Health and Safety Consultant.

Work life balance

Teachers have access to a number of initiatives to assist in balancing work and life commitments. Initiatives that may be available include options for part-time work, job sharing, career breaks and the NTPS Extended Leave Scheme.

Extra benefits for remote teachers

Remote teachers receive a range of additional benefits, including:

  • Remote incentive allowance
    Teachers living and working in a remote locality in the Northern Territory receive a fortnightly allowance that is paid in addition to salary. Teachers who have recognised dependants may be eligible to receive a higher allowance.
  • Remote retention payment
    Teachers living and working in a remote locality are eligible to receive one lump sum payment after completing 12 months of continuous service.
  • Special study leave
    Teachers living in remote localities accumulate points that count towards special study leave. Once they have accumulated at least 20 points they are eligible for one semester of paid study leave or two semesters at half pay. Teachers who live in remote category 3 would be eligible for special study leave after 4 years of service.
  • Free housing for teachers recruited to remote localities
    Teachers who are provided with government employee housing in remote localities receive a 100% rental concession.
  • Fares out of isolated localities
    Remote teachers in the Northern Territory can access up to 3 airfares per year out of an isolated locality for themselves and their recognised dependants. These airfares will be to either Alice Springs or Darwin dependant on the remote location.
  • Leave to attend to business outside the community
    Teachers can use up to 4 business days per year to access services not available in the community.
  • Guaranteed transfer
    Classroom teachers who work in a remote locality for 3 or more years will be guaranteed a transfer to Darwin, Alice Springs or Katherine.
  • Special allowances
    Under certain circumstances teachers may be eligible to collect a special allowance, in addition to the other allowances offered.
  • Personal leave
    Teachers have access to up to 3 weeks paid personal leave per year. This leave can be used to cover personal illness or injury, or to provide care and support to an immediate family or household member.
Teach remote NT Carly Doyle
Teach remote NT Carly Doyle
Carly Doyle Charlie Maillis
Carly Doyle Charlie Maillis
Clare Schoeller Julie-Anne Spina
Clare Schoeller Julie-Anne Spina
Leah Jones Matt Gale
Leah Jones Matt Gale
Ryan Campbell Sharelle Furner
Ryan Campbell Sharelle Furner
Shontelle Dougherty Leah Jones
Shontelle Dougherty Leah Jones

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